Membership Information

Annual Fees

The annual fees are $35 and are due by March 31 each year.

Fees cover the use of a plot, access to water and tools, garden improvement projects, and general maintenance of the area. Any plots whose fees are not received by the due date will be assigned to new members from the waiting list.

Gardeners are expected to review and abide by the Membership Guidelines, and to be aware of the Constitution and Bylaws.

Constitution and Bylaws

Please read through our constitution and bylaws and use them as a reference.

Garden Events and Work-Parties

Members are required to attend at least three community work parties totaling at least 6 hours. If you can not make it to at least 3 communal work parties, please communicate with the board and replacement tasks will be assigned. Information about these and other garden events is posted on this website and a notification will also be sent out to our membership email list. Make sure that your email is current, please!