Membership Information

Annual Fees

Annual Membership Fees will remain unchanged for the 2023 season. Primary Gardener: $40. and Second Gardener $10. Fees are due by March 31st each year.

Fees cover the mandatory insurance, use of a plot, access to water and tools, garden improvement projects, and general maintenance of the area. Any plots whose membership fees are not received by the due date will be assigned to new members from the waiting list.

Gardeners must uphold the CONSTITUTION of the Society, comply with the BYLAWS of the Society, and follow the RULES of the Pine Street Community Gardens.

Members in good standing receive a link to renew their memberships.

ConstitutionBylaws, and Rules

Please read through our constitution and bylaws and use them as a reference.

Garden Events and Work-Parties

Members are required to follow the RULES as they pertain to participation in the Work Parties. Information about thesework parties and other garden events is posted on this website and a notification will also be sent out to our membership email list.

Make sure that your email is current, please!

2024 Board Members

Chair: Don Wetherell
Vice-Chair: Andreas Pilarinos
Treasurer: Cheryl Kones
Membership Director: Monique Simard
Community Outreach Director: Skye Vallance
City Liaison: Michael Woods
Director at Large: Laurie Kingdon
Director at Large: Dinah Phillips
Director at Large: Elaine Jones