BCCGC April Bulletin

The BC Council of Garden Clubs puts out a monhtly bulletin. The April bulletin can be found here as well as details on how to subscribe.

A note from current BCCGC president, Lynda Pasacreta:

Thank you for your support. I am honoured to be your president for the next two years.

Our theme will continue to show the province of BC that gardeners are solving some of the climate change impacts through planting natives, growing their own food, improving soil and soil erosion, planting for pollinators, taking care of our urban forests and creating biodiversity through our gardening efforts.

We have an amazing executive team that are energetic, wise, and love to support one another. I look forward to working with them and know that we have each other’s backs!Important to remember:
1. Add your events to the events calendar – through our tracking we see that people are visiting our website to see what events are on in communities throughout BC.

2. Make sure to pass on the newsletter to your own members. We quite often have members of clubs that are asking us to get on our email list for the newsletter which means they are not getting from the newsletter contact. More value added to your club for getting information from all over BC!

3. Register today if you want to see the Zoom presentation tomorrow – Gardening in Iceland. 1vicepresident@bcgardenclubs.com.

And finally!Keep those amazing articles coming from all over BC. We love to see what you are doing to make a difference in the gardening world. Send your articles to newsletter@bcgardenclubs.com

Lynda Pasacreta, President BCCGC (wow!)