Vancouver Parks Board- Notice of Demolition

You can find more information in the following article. PSCG members who live in the area have noted that they have received notice (from April 2024) that demolition will begin soon.

Project context and upcoming work (from Parks Board notice)

The vacant buildings at 1620, 1630 and 1670 W 5th Ave will be removed in preparation for construction of Burrard Slopes Park. The area outlined in red on the map below will remain closed during the removal work. Other amenities on this block are expected to remain open for the majority of the work.

The buildings have been deemed unfit for repurpose. Where possible, materials from the buildings will be reused to minimize demolition waste, in keeping with the City’s Green Demolition by-law and Zero Waste 2040.

A temporary wildflower meadow will be planted to remediate the soil for the period between building removal and construction of the permanent park.